Ariel Cavalcante Foster is a millennial Brazilian-American artist, inclusion strategist and embodiment guide based in Maryland and Brazil with a BA from Goucher College (2016) in Studio Art and Arts Administration.

    Ariel's art practice includes printmaking, installation, painting, sound, video and performance. She has exhibited work throughout the East Coast and in São Paulo, Brazil via the Casa Na Ilha artist residency (2017) and travel research (2022-2023). Her work is part of Goucher College Library and Special Collections and is a recipient of the Rosenberg Travel scholarship. Ariel co-directed The Parlour (2018-2020), an art gallery in Baltimore and has been an active member of several artist-run collective initiatives.

    In 2018, Foster participated in the Baltimore Artist Retreat and joined the Urban Arts Leadership Fellowship Cohort. In 2019, she worked as an Inclusion Strategist, Co-chair of the Diversity, Equity, Access and Inclusion (DEAI) Board Committee and Community Arts Program Associate for Baltimore Clayworks.

    They are the founding consultant and facilitator for F.I.E.L.D. (to foster freedom), a platform established in 2020 for businesses, organizations and individuals to decolonize our internal and external systems to create personal and social transformations and restorative practices.

    In 2021, Ariel co-created Orgasmic Guidance, an online immersion of cultivating creator energy for transformative worldview shifts and life changes that center embodiment and value our collective existence and co-creation. Ariel is a trained practitioner in holistic therapies including Frequencies of Brilliance and Amanae.